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Some of these recordings are “scoped”, meaning that content such as the music (entire songs), certain commercials, and newscasts, may not have been included on the original recording. In most cases, the air personalities (or the stations) would have recorders set to operate only when the personality’s microphone was on. This means that the recording would stop for the majority of the songs, recorded commercials, etc. The term ‘scoped’ does not mean edited. There is a difference. What you hear of the personalities on these Radio Recordings was not edited, even if portions of their show (which included music, commercials, etc.) may not have been preserved on these recordings.

As a result, hearing two hours of a Robert W. Morgan show may only take 10 minutes on a Radio Recording because the recording includes only when Robert’s microphone was on, OR that not everything during that time was preserved.
These come to on one or more CD's ready for immediate listening!

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The Radio Recordings currently listed are actually not all we have. Over the years, we have purchased archives from “aircheck” collectors, companies which used to sell them that have closed, and a few from collectors who are willing to share with fans around the world.

Several times each year we review the reel and cassette tapes we are provided with, and determine which are the best sound quality and would attract the most interest, and generate the CD’s we make available. It can be a long, although rewarding, process.

In addition, we often receive contributions from fans who see the value of sharing these recordings with us, and ultimately you, the listeners and fans of these great stations and personalities.

We have been known to receive requests from listeners in search of a certain personality or station from a certain year or era, and have been able to track them down. We’re always on the hunt for more!