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What are Radio Recordings?

Radio Recordings are also referred to as “airchecks”. These are actual broadcasts heard on the real station or stations during the day, month, and/or year listed. (These are not recreations!)

Our Radio Recordings come from a variety of sources. Some are from the personalities themselves, some are from archives of the stations and/or the people who worked there. Others are from what are known as “audition tapes”, which are edited recordings that announcers would use to highlight their best on-the-air performances and send to other stations and networks in hopes of landing a position.

Better yet, many of our Radio Recordings were made by fans of the personalities and stations years ago. We all owe a debt of thanks to those who knew to use anything from a cassette recorder to a high quality tape deck to record segments or even hours of their favorite radio stations and announcers back in the day, and have them to share with us!
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Our RadioRecordings include great radio stations, and the great personalities, from coast to coast.

NYC, Chgo, L.A. on to small towns!
These come to on one or more CD's ready for immediate listening!

You can also load them on to your MP3 player (as well as some phones)!
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